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Policies and systems in SISU VIKAS SAMITI
Here is a checklist of policies and other management systems necessary for Sisu Vikas Samiti to run effectively and mobilize resources for development work. You can click on the links below to know more about these policies and systems refer samples and identify gaps in Sisu Vikas Samiti.

Organizational Chart of Sisu Vikas Samiti (SVS)
Organizational charts give a pictorial representation of the functioning styles of Sisu Vikas Samiti (SVS). It provides a graphic view of the hierarchical system and the levels of responsibility in Sisu Vikas Samiti (SVS). It is relevant to present an organizational chart because it gives a quick, bird’s-eye view of the management structure of Sisu Vikas Samiti (SVS).
Organizational charts are mostly found in annual reports, brochures and other promotional material of the Sisu Vikas Samiti (SVS). But it is also essential for fundraising and donor proposals. Many donors and donor agencies are interested to know how the operational systems of the NGO are structured and how roles and responsibilities of various staff members are distributed. Organizational charts also become useful when new employees join the organization and they need to be oriented to the working environment. Organizational charts also aid the management to understand the understaffed and overstaffed sections and arrange transfers between them accordingly.

Below is the organizational chart of Sisu Vikas Samiti, a small Organisation working for the Welfare of the Children.

Other Links
d Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Statement of Sisu Vikas Samiti
d SVS-Non Discrimination Policy
d SVS -Anti Terror Certificate
d Leadership Succession Plan of Sisu Vikas Samiti
d Human Resource Management of Sisu Vikas Samiti
d Purpose and Categories of Personnel
d Job description Format for the staff of Sisu Vikas Samiti (SVS)
d Communications Policy of Sisu Vikas Samiti for Office Management
d Computer Policy for Sisu Vikas Samiti Office Management
d Finance Policy of Sisu Vikas Samiti
d Procurement Policy of Sisu Vikas Samiti
d Fixed Assets Policy for Sisu Vikas Samiti

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